Here is a key question for all who want to discover and lean into their calling.

We know his voice, his bulldog tenacity, but do we know about Winston Churchill’s quiet work of leadership?

Here’s an essential lesson to understanding the Bible.

When the wife of the President utters the words, “greatest courage,” I listen very closely.

A lesson on morale that every leader needs to hear (and practice)!

Every “good guy” can learn a lot about thinking from this “bad guy.”

Statistics show gender discrimination among MBAs is outrageous . . . until you dig a little deeper!

A long awaited medical study questions the power of prayer. Should you stop praying?

You have to understand Sydney Poitier’s journey to appreciate his perspective on progress.

It’s frustrating, uncomfortable, and even painful — but it separates those who achieve from those who don’t. I’m talking about deliberate practice.

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