The individual who had the greatest reason to hold a grudge, displayed the greatest sense of magnanimity.

It’s not that you tell your leader, but whether or not you supply a “certain kind of facts” that makes all the difference.

What would Winston Churchill say to college undergraduates in the midst of a world pandemic? I think I know.

Anyone who has customers must occasionally deal with those who are unhappy. Here's the solution in two words.

If you are leading through these COVID-19 days, chances are you are sleeping less — and that’s not a good thing.

It's counterintuitive, but dropping your most effective tool, might be one way to be most effective.

If you want to make progress on that goal of yours, if you want to keep moving when the country is stalling b/c of COVID-19, then now is the time to assess & eliminate distractions.

March 24, 2020

#150 - Keeping Score

If you want to make progress on that goal of yours, you’ve got to “keep score.” Here’s the why and how.

December 19, 2019

#149 - Sleep Crimes

If you want to get a great night’s sleep, don’t get caught committing any of these 10 sleep crimes.

Timing your sleep is like timing your investment in the stock market . . . when you invest in that sleep matters.

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